Check your Mobile Phone Quality

Would like to know your mobile is original or not? Press *#06# on your mobile After you enter the code you will see a new code contain 15 digits: 4 3 5 3 2 8 1 0 6 8 0 1 5 4 6 IF the seventh and eighth digit is 0 2 or 2 0 respectively that mean it was Assembled in Emirates which is of very Bad quality IF the seventh and eighth digit is 0 8 or 8 0 respectively that mean it was manufactured in Germany which is not bad IF the seventh and eighth digit is 0 1 or 1 0 respectively that means it was manufactured in Finland which is Good IF the seventh and eighth digit is 0 0 respectively that means it was manufactured in original factory which is the best Mobile Quality [Like N-Series] IF the seventh and eighth digit is 1 3 that means it was Assembled in Azerbaijan which is of very Bad quality and very dangerous for health.

Gmail Fast Login

Works in Internet Explorer, Opera & Firefox. For low speed connections logging in to gmail could becomes an irritating task. You must have experienced gmail login problem especially on a dial up connection. Login in to gmail is comparatively slower because of its rich user interface, because of that sometimes the gmail login screens gives an error. And in orkut also sometimes the login box does not appears and says “connection timed out” or “server not responding” kind of messages. Following are some tips and tricks to login into gmail faster even with low speed internet connections. Gmail login tricks - Use HTML version of gmail instead of standard version. You can access to gmail’s HTML version directly from this url - Also try gmail mobile version It is very lo-fi version of gmail but the speed of logging in really fast, it is opening instantly on my system. The mobile version of gmail login page is simple, fast and furious. So no more gmail login problems now.

Trick to see how many gals/guys are there in anybody's Orkut Friends List

1)Go to your friends profile 2)Under the Friends click view all 3)Now you can see all friends of that person 4)In the address bar (place where you type website names) you can see uid followed by a number, at the end of the number add &q=female For seeing number of girls and press enter. &q=male For seeing number of guys and press enter.


There are four Internet settings that can be configured, you can get greater throughput (faster Internet downloads) by modifying a few settings. They are the MaxMTU, MaxMSS and DefaultRcvWindow, and DefaultTTL 1.Open RegEdit (Start>run>regedit) 2.Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlset\ Services\ Class\ net\ 000x (where x is your particular network adapter binding.) 3.Right click on the right panel 4.Select New\String Value and create the value name IPMTU 5.Double click on it and enter then the number you want. The usual change is to 576 6.Similarly, you can add IPMSS and give it a value of 536 (Windows 9X)You can set DefaultRcvWindow, and DefaultTTL by adding these string values to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ System\ CurrentControlset\ Services\ VXD\ MSTCP Set the DefaultRcvWindow to 5840 and the DefaultTTL to 128 Note: These settings will slow down your network access speed slightly, but you will probably not even see the difference if you are using a network card. If you are using Direct Cable you should see a slight difference.


If you want to make restrictions to what users can do or use on their computer without having to run Poledit, you can edit the Registry. You can add and delete Windows features in this Key shown below. Zero is Off and the value 1 is On. Example: to Save Windows settings add or modify the value name NoSaveSettings to 0, if set to1 Windows will not save settings. And NoDeletePrinter set to 1 will prevent the user from deleting a printer. The same key shows up at: HKEY_USERS\(yourprofilename)\ Software\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Policies\ Explorer so change it there also if you are using different profiles. 1.Open RegEdit (start>run>regedit) 2.Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\CurrentVersion\Policies 3.Go to the Explorer Key 4.Then right click on the right side pane and select "Create Dword". Select appropriate value name from the list given below and enter 1 for enabling the value and 0 for disabling it NoDeletePrinter - Disables Deletion of Printers NoAddPrinter - Disables Addition of Printers NoRun - Disables Run Command NoSetFolders - Removes Folders from Settings on Start Menu NoSetTaskbar - Removes Taskbar from Settings on Start Menu NoFind - Removes the Find Command NoDrives - Hides Drives in My Computers NoNetHood - Hides the Network Neighborhood NoDesktop - Hides all icons on the Desktop NoClose - Disables Shutdown NoSaveSettings - Don't save settings on exit DisableRegistryTools - Disable Registry Editing Tools NoRecentDocsMenu - Hides the Documents shortcut at the Start button NoRecentDocsHistory- Clears history of Documents NoFileMenu _ Hides the Files Menu in Explorer NoActiveDesktop - No Active Desktop NoActiveDesktopChanges- No changes allowed NoInternetIcon - No Internet Explorer Icon on the Desktop NoFavoritesMenu - Hides the Favorites menu NoChangeStartMenu _ Disables changes to the Start Menu NoFolderOptions _ Hides the Folder Options in the Explorer ClearRecentDocsOnExit - Empty the recent Docs folder on reboot NoLogoff - Hides the Log Off .... in the Start Menu And here are a few more you can play with ShowInfoTip NoTrayContextMenu NoStartMenuSubFolders NoWindowsUpdate NoViewContextMenu EnforceShellExtensionSecurity LinkResolveIgnoreLinkInfo NoDriveTypeAutoRun NoStartBanner NoSetActiveDesktop EditLevel NoNetConnectDisconnect RestrictRun - Disables all exe programs except those listed in the RestrictRun subkey This key has many other available keys, there is one to even hide the taskbar, one to hide the control panel and more. I'm not telling you how, as someone may want to play a trick on you. The policies key has a great deal of control over how and what program can run and how one can access what feature. In the System key you can enter: NoDispCPL - Disable Display Control Panel NoDispBackgroundPage - Hide Background Page NoDispScrSavPage - Hide Screen Saver Page NoDispAppearancePage - Hide Appearance Page NoDispSettingsPage - Hide Settings Page NoSecCPL - Disable Password Control Panel NoPwdPage - Hide Password Change Page NoAdminPage - Hide Remote Administration Page NoProfilePage - Hide User Profiles Page NoDevMgrPage - Hide Device Manager Page NoConfigPage - Hide Hardware Profiles Page NoFileSysPage - Hide File System Button NoVirtMemPage - Hide Virtual Memory Button In the Network key you can enter: NoNetSetup - Disable the Network Control Panel NoNetSetupIDPage - Hide Identification Page NoNetSetupSecurityPage - Hide Access Control Page NoFileSharingControl - Disable File Sharing Controls NoPrintSharing - Disable Print Sharing Controls In the WinOldApp key you can enter: Disabled - Disable MS-DOS Prompt NoRealMode - Disables Single-Mode MS-DOS

Add Album Art to any Music Folder

Add Album Art to any Music Folder
This is easily my favorite tip! One of the coolest new features in Windows XP is its album thumbnail generator, which automatically places the appropriate album cover art on the folder to which you are copying music (generally in WMA format). But what about those people that have already copied their CDs to the hard drive using MP3 format? You can download album cover art from sites such as or, and then use the new Windows XP folder customize feature to display the proper image for each folder. But this takes time--you have to manually edit the folder properties for every single folder--and you will lose customizations if you have to reinstall the OS. There's an excellent fix, however.

When you download the album cover art from the Web, just save the images as folder.jpg each time and place them in the appropriate folder. Then, Windows XP will automatically use that image as the thumbnail for that folder and, best of all, will use that image in Windows Media Player for Windows XP (MPXP) if you choose to display album cover art instead of a visualization. And the folder customization is automatic, so it survives an OS reinstallation as well.

Your music folders never looked so good!

Removing Username in the start menu

Open Registry Editor (Start>Run>regedit) Then Go To : 1. "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer" 2. On The Right, Make A New Entry With Right Click On Your Mouse Then Choose "New DWORD Value" 3. Change The Entry's Name Into NoUserNameInStartMenu, Double Click In The New Entry And Fill The Value Data With 1. 4. Press OK, Exit From The Registry Editor. 5. Restart Your Computer.

Remove Banner Ads From Yahoo Messenger

Open Run and type regedit Then new window will open. Goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Yahoo -> Pager -> View Inside the ‘View’ key there are a several other keys… go through each one and edit the ‘banner url’ string to your liking. It even works if the string is left blank (this causes it to look as if ads were never even implemented)! Restart Yahoo! IM for the effect to take hold. This is great for Yahoo! IM 8 users who don’t want to be bothered with ads.

Great tip for MP3 searching on google

Go to google copy and paste in ?intitle:index.of? mp3 and after mp3 put in an artist or album or whatever and hit enter… what you get is lists of downloadable mp3s eg: ?intitle:index.of? mp3 shakira enjoy downloading…………

Login with multiple ids in google, yahoo, orkut

Do you maintain multiple Google Accounts? Solve that headache of logging in and out different accounts in Firefox by this trick. I feel life can get complicated if you operate more than one Google Account and have associated different Google services with different accounts. For example I have two Gmail ID's. One tamag[at]gmail for my work and another gautam[at]gmail for personal use. I am a big fan of Firefox and each time I need to read mails, I am annoyed of logging in and out for different id's. Well this trick has done wonders for me, Hope it works for you to. step 0 : - Download Firefox for more efficiency(optional). Step 1: - Open system "properties"(by right clicking my computer). - Choose tab "advanced", click to "environment variables" button. - In "system variables" section, click "new". - Type this information to each textbox. Step 2: variable name: moz_no_remote (should be all small letter). variable value: 1 Step 3: - Open firefox icon’s properties (from desktop and quick launch). - Add extension -p to command line(like “c:\program files\mozilla firefox\firefox.exe” -p). - Press ok. When you will open firefox it will prompt for profile selection create a profile,open firefox login to orkut open once more use another profile login.

Bypass the Windows Vista log-on screen on multiaccount PCs

It's a very short tip I'd like to share with you all on how to auto login to your Windows Vista when you startup your computer. Here's an example for you to understand better. Every time you start your computer, you're prompted to enter password in order to login to Windows. You find this irritating when no one else is using your computer that is sitting at home. Just follow a few simple steps below and you won't be bothered by this login prompt every again! 1. At the Search box or a command prompt, type control userpasswords2 and press Enter. The User Accounts screen appears. The User Accounts screen lists all your user accounts and lets you customize them. 2. Highlight the account that you want to automatically log on with, then uncheck the box next to Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer. Click OK. 3. The Automatically Log On dialog box appears. Type in the password for the account that you want to log on automatically. (If the account shown isn't the one that you want to log on automatically, type in the username and password for the correct account. Click OK.) 4. From now on, you'll automatically log in using that account. When you're logged in, if you want to switch to another account, use Fast User Switching: Click the Start button, click the arrow in the lower-right corner of the Start menu, and select Switch User. You'll come to a screen listing all users on your PC, where you can log in as any other user.

Hidden Programs In Windows XP

Do Comment If you Like it... Programs: 1. Private Character Editor : Used for editing fonts,etc. ** start>>Run ** Now, type eudcedit 2. Dr. Watson : This an inbuilt windows repairing software ! ** start>>Run ** Now, type drwtsn32 3. Media Player 5.1 : Even if you upgrade your Media Player, you can still access your old player in case the new one fails !!! ** start>>Run ** Now, type mplay32 4. iExpress : Used to create Setups. You can create your own installers (.exe files) ** start>>Run ** Now, type iexpress HIDDEN MUSIC Microsoft Windows XP is playing a cool music during installation. It is a pleasant little tune that you’ve probably never heard, unless you were present when Windows was being installed on your PC. After that it’s never played again, unless you know where to look for it. To hear what you’ve been missing, just follow these: Make you way to C:\WINDOWS\system32\oobe\images and look for a file called "Title.wma" or possibly "Windows welcome music.wma". CooL!!!

Explore rapidshare

Use following keywords in google to see all rapidshare folders available on internet inurl:users "*" inurl:users "*" inurl:files "*" inurl:files "*" inurl:users (pass|password) inurl:users (pass|password) (where * is the file name you want to search on rapidshare) Suppose you need some info on vista .Then you can try following keywords to see all rapidshare folders having any vista related thing in it. inurl:users "vista" inurl:users "windows vista"