Now access Gmail, Facebook, Youtube on cable TV

There's good news on hand for those who use cable television services. You can now check your Gmail, watch YouTube videos or connect with friends on Facebook at the cost of the regular cable subscription of Rs 150-200 per month -- without having to pay extra for an internet connection.

Logic Eastern, a Noida-based manufacturer of cable infrastructure, has developed special set-top boxes which come with an in-built patented hardware that enables connections to Gmail, Facebook and YouTube. The company has made possible two-way flow of data, that is, from websites to cable operators to consumers and return by using the existing cellphone technology.

It has installed large servers which download Gmail, YouTube and Facebook pages on behalf of its subscribers and pushes them on to their television screens. For now, consumers can access this service with a special remote control. However the company is developing a wi-fi keyboard that will be given along with the set-top boxes.

How to Flush DNS in Windows, Mac and Linux

When do you want flush DNS (Domain Name System)?

You visit one of the most frequently viewed websites in your list and find it’s not loading up, it could be very frustrating at times.

The site can be down for more than one reason, the most common one being, the remote server being down. To ensure if the server is up, ping the server directly, and the response tells you the status.

Let’s assume that the servers working fine, but still the site does not load up in your browser! DNS failure can be the cause. And this us a common case if server is relocated and/or the site is moved on to a new server, as DNS propagation normally takes anywhere from 24 – 72 hrs to propagate and work fine.

This scenario is also true when you set up new domain on a server.

If the site fails to show up even after 72 hrs, you may have to clear your DNS cache to ensure the request is not going to the old ips of the site you are trying to load.

Clearing DNS cache will ensure your PC does not have old records of bad DNS entries. If the bad entries are not flushed then you need to wait up to 24 hours for it to be dropped from the cache automatically, which is a scheduled activity in some computers.

The following list gives you the set of commands to flush DNS on different platforms:

How To Destruct Or Delete Emails From Recipients Inbox is a free email service of unlimited storage space, designed at providing immensely secured and certified mail services. It strictly complies with all the codes and conduct to protect your password and private data. It is loaded with adequate tools and settings to easily receive, send, delete and edit your mails.

For me the most most important advantage of using BigString is its superb auto-destruct function. At times I’d want a particular mail to be read and deleted immediately after the first read – BigString gives me that option. In fact I can set how many times the mail be read before it’s deleted from the recipients mail box.

Liferea: RSS feed reader for Linux users

RSS feeds have been really very useful for me and I love to manage all the feeds which I follow via FeedDemon. Recently when I started using Ubuntu I was really missing my Feed manager. Then I found this cool feed reader. Liferea is a feed manager for Linux systems. There are many feed readers out there but all of them requires new libraries to be installed or the worse they do not support linux systems.

The best thing about this is you can easily add your Google feed reader feeds to this. So if you are already using FeedDemon and if it is synchronized with your Google Account then you can easily add all those feeds to Liferea also.

Liferea is the best feed reader available for the Linux systems. It’s fast, it’s simple and it’s easy to use.

Read this to know how to install it in your Linux.

Feel free to post comments. :)

Free Download Microsoft Office 2010 With Activation Key

Microsoft Office 2010 download links have been released to the public today. This public beta version of MS Office 2010 (v. 14.0.4536.1000) is now available for free download on Microsoft’s Official website.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 beta version also includes MS Publisher and Infopath 2010 along with Word, Excel, Outlook and Power point applications.

New Features Of Microsoft Office 2010
  • Outlook Social connector which includes the option to add friends to your social network direct from Outlook. 
  • Built in screen capture for MS Powerpoint. 
  • Upload or Save directly to Windows Live Sky Drive or SharePoint 2010. 
  • Improved user navigation and Icons. 
  • One click PDF saver. 
  • Embed online videos into presentation.

Online Password Manager for Chrome, Firefox and IE

If you looking for an online password manager which supports almost all the popular browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari then try out Lastpass. With this free online password manager, the login details like username and password which you have already stored in Firefox can now be easily (and securely) accessed in Chrome, Opera, and on my iPod with a simple little button.

Features and Performance

Lastpass performs well in capturing passwords from ajax forms which other browsers fail to do so.
Allows you to import from every major password storage vendor and export too.
Create strong and different passwords for all sites (you only have to remember one).
Mobile access at

Security (most important part)

Passwords are locally encrypted and stored on your PC with AES, then uploaded to allow syncing with other computers or browsers. Only your LastPass password can unlock your data.

Install LastPass, Firefox addon