Download Flash Games To Computer From Internet / Miniclips

Looking for an easy way to download Flash Games from the internet? Then move onto Miniclips, a website where you find few of the important flash games. You can also look online for loads of fun/interesting and addictive flash games. But in order to store the flash games online, you ought to be a Mozilla Firefox user.
Steps are as follows:
1. Go to the flash games in the Firefox browser, and click on the Tools menu after the game webpage loads completely. 
2. Now, go to ‘page Info’ which opens to a dialog box. Click the media tab with the list of components in the present web page like images, swf flash files and other scripts, in case they are found on this page. 
3. Next click on ‘Type’ where the components are displayed in a certain order. Scroll down and look for ‘Embed Files’ which has .swf extesnsion having bigger size flash in your flash game. 
4. Choose the file, ‘Save As’ and your job is over!

How to Turn Off / Disable Hybrid Sleep Mode In Windows 7, Vista

A great new feature introduced in the Microsoft Windows Vista is the “Hybrid Sleep” mode. This is a definite boost from the ordinary “Sleep” feature wherein the unsaved programs and other running programs on the computer were lost in case of a power outage. This was because the Sleep mode would serialize the current state into memory and then shut down all devices other than the RAM. This problem has now been resolved with the “Hybrid Sleep” mode in which the information is saved on the memory as well as a hibernation file similar to the “Hibernate” option.
This function is quite irrelevant for desktop users with UPS backup or those using laptops as these systems are configured to automatically go into hibernation or shutdown as soon as the battery has been reduced to a certain level. Moreover, switching to this feature resulted in the reduction of the performance of the Sleep feature. To turn off and disable the feature follow this step by step process.