Five Linux Cool Tricks

1. Download a website

Here is a simple way to download a whole website without actually visiting all the pages. First up all go into the directory you wish to download the whole website using the command line and type in the following


Note -E is to create .html extensions to XHTML or text files. Omit if not needed.It is however not possible for all type of sites :-)

2. Five ways to logout from bash

4.export TMOUT=1
5 kill -9 $
Dont use the fifth one when you are the root since it will kill some essential processes.

3. To change the root password

The first step is to reboot the system. When grub loads up, move the arrow key up/down to highlight and select the Linux kernel and press e to edit the GRUB commands before booting.

Access Blocked Websites with HTTPS Google cache

Access blocked websites by using the https version of its Google cache. It’s like a free https proxy from Google and very fast loading.

In most colleges and schools, the content of certain sites is blocked using filters or firewalls. Normally in such case, most of us use free web proxies or vpn services. But most of these web proxy services are either slow or already blocked by the firewall and VPN servers are charging heavily per bandwidth.

The best method to try out in this case is by using google’s https cache service. This cache is linked directly to the secured https version of the site’s content in google servers. [you can access the google cache of any site by searching for in the search box]

HTTPS version could be added by entering an ‘s’ after the http cache url or you can download an extension for google chrome which converts all google cache link to its secured version.

Download Chrome extension