When Linux Hangs or Completely Freezes

When Windows hangs itself we all know what to do right? Were just reaching for the combination [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del] (Control Alt Delete). But if you try this in Linux nothing happens (in some distributions, like Ubuntu, you actually get the menu for shutting down your system, but this don’t work when your system hags or freezes).
So what to do?
There is 3 keyboard combinations every Linux user should remember (or write down). But before we begin I want you to understand some of the signs I use: If a symbol is surrounded by [ ] means that it is a button or key on your keyboard. +means that you have to hold the keys down at once. And means that you have to click the buttons one by one, remember that you have to press each key for 2-3 seconds. Now that you have learned this we can move on to the commands:
Fist you have the combination [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[BackSpace] (backspace is the [←] over[Enter]) that restarts X or GDM (you will be logged out), and you can kind of call it Linux’s Control Alt Delete equivalent. This command gives your programs time to make emergency backups of unsaved files (for example if you writing on a document in Open Office) and it  prevents that you get a file system error during the crash.If you use Ubuntu or a distribution based on Ubuntu you will have to use[Alt]+[PrtSc]+[K] (PrtSc = Print Screen) instead, but you should note that some Ubuntu based distros (like Linux Mint) still use the universal [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[BackSpace].
But what to do if this combination doesn’t work?

Download Flash Games To Computer From Internet / Miniclips

Looking for an easy way to download Flash Games from the internet? Then move onto Miniclips, a website where you find few of the important flash games. You can also look online for loads of fun/interesting and addictive flash games. But in order to store the flash games online, you ought to be a Mozilla Firefox user.
Steps are as follows:
1. Go to the flash games in the Firefox browser, and click on the Tools menu after the game webpage loads completely. 
2. Now, go to ‘page Info’ which opens to a dialog box. Click the media tab with the list of components in the present web page like images, swf flash files and other scripts, in case they are found on this page. 
3. Next click on ‘Type’ where the components are displayed in a certain order. Scroll down and look for ‘Embed Files’ which has .swf extesnsion having bigger size flash in your flash game. 
4. Choose the file, ‘Save As’ and your job is over!

How to Turn Off / Disable Hybrid Sleep Mode In Windows 7, Vista

A great new feature introduced in the Microsoft Windows Vista is the “Hybrid Sleep” mode. This is a definite boost from the ordinary “Sleep” feature wherein the unsaved programs and other running programs on the computer were lost in case of a power outage. This was because the Sleep mode would serialize the current state into memory and then shut down all devices other than the RAM. This problem has now been resolved with the “Hybrid Sleep” mode in which the information is saved on the memory as well as a hibernation file similar to the “Hibernate” option.
This function is quite irrelevant for desktop users with UPS backup or those using laptops as these systems are configured to automatically go into hibernation or shutdown as soon as the battery has been reduced to a certain level. Moreover, switching to this feature resulted in the reduction of the performance of the Sleep feature. To turn off and disable the feature follow this step by step process.

Five Linux Cool Tricks

1. Download a website

Here is a simple way to download a whole website without actually visiting all the pages. First up all go into the directory you wish to download the whole website using the command line and type in the following

wget-r-p-k-E http://www.example.com/dir/

Note -E is to create .html extensions to XHTML or text files. Omit if not needed.It is however not possible for all type of sites :-)

2. Five ways to logout from bash

4.export TMOUT=1
5 kill -9 $
Dont use the fifth one when you are the root since it will kill some essential processes.

3. To change the root password

The first step is to reboot the system. When grub loads up, move the arrow key up/down to highlight and select the Linux kernel and press e to edit the GRUB commands before booting.

Access Blocked Websites with HTTPS Google cache

Access blocked websites by using the https version of its Google cache. It’s like a free https proxy from Google and very fast loading.

In most colleges and schools, the content of certain sites is blocked using filters or firewalls. Normally in such case, most of us use free web proxies or vpn services. But most of these web proxy services are either slow or already blocked by the firewall and VPN servers are charging heavily per bandwidth.

The best method to try out in this case is by using google’s https cache service. This cache is linked directly to the secured https version of the site’s content in google servers. [you can access the google cache of any site by searching for cache:example.com in the search box]

HTTPS version could be added by entering an ‘s’ after the http cache url or you can download an extension for google chrome which converts all google cache link to its secured version.

Download Chrome extension

Recover / Unlock Forgotten Vista Admin Password

If you have misplaced a Microsoft CD Key, it can be got back easily by utilizing the free tools which can go deep into your registry files. But if your Windows Vista Password is lost, or you are not able to unlock admin access to your Vista system, then you may be little worried. But relax, even this can be solved through some essential help lines and tools [free tools, naturally.] the only thing you have to so s to be assured to follow the instructions carefully. Also note that some of the tools may not restore your Windows Vista Password, but they will definitely help you set up a different password on your system.
Usually, to reset the admin login password on Vista, Microsoft has its particular set of PStools and they are specially used for this. Downloaded and extracted the PStools will help you reset Windows Vista Password or in some cases, you may need to change the admin password as a whole. This is very helpful for all the local systems and remote multiple systems.
Often, you may need to have an official tool that can unlock, recover Vistas password for you.

Easy Trick To Recover Unsaved Word Files From Microsoft Word

Due to some unavoidable circumstances, many people spend hours in front of their computer, yet experience a jolt when they lose a word document, their hard work, unexpectedly. Reason- there may have been power failure or it may be a result of their carelessness of not saving it immediately. This makes them feel helpless and frustrated. They do not know what to do. But now, you need not worry for even a grave problem as this can be solved and any loss of files from Microsoft word document can be retrieved.
How to Auto Recover Microsoft Word File
Move to the word option[Microsoft Word 2007] from the word menu and shift to Advanced tab, where you will come across many boxes that are not checked. Look for Always Create Back-up copy and then Allow background Saves. This will help you re-store all your files instantly. The back-up files of word are saved as:- .wbk extension.

Improve, Enhance, Make Better Browsing Experience With Internet Explorer

Tweak Internet Explorer to Enhance Speed

Most Internet Explorer (IE) users complain about its slow speed, and how much time it takes to start up, and load web pages. However, a few tweaks will ensure that your IE experience becomes twice as fast. This article will tell you how to carry out these minor modifications – all you have to do is follow the steps listed out below.
IE Tweak 1
  1. Launch Internet Explorer, and select the option Tools -> Internet Options.
  2. Select the Advanced tab.
  3. In the Settings field, scroll down to the heading called Multimedia. There, you have to clear the check-boxes next to the following options (as per your preference):
    1. Play animations in webpages
    2. Play sounds in webpages
    3. Show pictures
  4. Click on Apply, and then OK.
However, the problem with this tweak is that it will greatly restrict your internet experience – all at the cost of speed. This might not be an attractive option to many.

Improve Hibernate / Shut Down Time In Windows XP Tablet

Windows XP takes a long time to shut down, and then to start up – and hence, many users use the Hibernate option so that they do not have to wait 3-4 minutes for their computer to start up. Those of you (with tablet PCs) who like using the Hibernate option might have faced the problem where your tablet PC takes an unnaturally long time (say somewhere around 10-15 minutes) to go into hibernation. This can be extremely frustrating at times as this beats the entire point of using the Hibernate option.

Although there is no straight-up solution to this problem, a few suggestions are put forth in this article. First off, the slow hibernation problem may due to the fact that you have less amount of physical memory (around 1GB, or less). This, combined with the fact that you might have several processes running in the background (or in the foreground too), might cause the slow hibernation problem.

Windows 7, Vista, USB File Copy / Transfer Speed Slow

When transferring files from one medium to another within the computer or outside it, sometimes due to bugs the process becomes painfully slow. This could be from one folder to another or from the computer to an external hard drive.

These slow transfers leave the user in a fix as how to get things done quickly, this becomes all the more important when the user is in a hurry. The bar that displays “calculated left time” only makes the process slower then helping the entire process. This is enviable regardless of which method one uses, whether he drags and drops it, or he cut –copy –pastes it or he uses “send to”. However there are eleven solutions to fix this problem.

Reinstall Missing Boot manager In Windows 7, Vista

When switching on the computer, if we encounter a bootmgr message. It means that we have deleted a vital file, of windows vista/7. The message is meant to warn us that the vital file is the reason for the software not working. It is meant to let the individual, solve this problem easily.

The Problem can be fixed by simply inserting the windows Vista/7 disk, an following a set procedure.

The steps to follow are such:

1. Insert Windows Vista/7 DVD media into DVD-ROM drive, and boot up your computer using CD-ROM drive. If your computer doesn’t boot up or at least prompt you to ask whether to boot up with CD-ROM drive, you need to change the boot up sequence setting in your BIOS.

Close all open programs with one click: Close All

You are in front of your office PC having 20-30 windows open and everything messed up… You are called for an emergency… Urghh…What to do now?? UseClose All.
This little tool lets you to close all running applications with just one click. It doesn’t use system resources because it only flashes a ‘close’ signal to all open windows on the desktop and then ceases.

Activate Multitouch Feature for all Synaptics Touchpad [Laptop]

Now you can add multi-touch functionality to all laptops having Synaptics touchpad using a free utility called Scrybe. With multi touch functionality you’ll be able to perform common tasks using customizable gestures with your touchpad.

For example, you can configure Scrybe such that drawing a G on yourtouchpad takes you to google.com and similarly you could do other tasks like copy/paste, control mediaplayers, rotate/crop images and launching applications.

Scrybe takes gestures to the next level with gesture workflows. Gesture workflow does more than launch an application or perform a keyboard shortcut. Gesture workflows carries out multi-step tasks like running presentations, watching DVDs, working with digital photos, shopping online, and more - all using the TouchPad alone.

How to Use Scrybe on your laptop

Open Password Protected Excel Documents

We are often advised to password protect our files which contain sensitive information. But the use of strong passwords makes it more difficult to remember and has its own inconveniences. So what happens if we forget the password to those files we had backed up few months before. Is there any ways to open a password protected microsoft excel file without knowing its password. The answer to this is simply, YES.

How to open password protected Microsoft Excel documents without knowing its actual password

There are two ways to open a password protected MS excel file, either by decrypting the entire excel file or by recovering the original password. These two process can be easily done by following the steps provided in this excel password recovery article. I’ll summarize the steps in a simple way below.

How To Remove / Delete / Uninstall Vista Activation, Loader, Crack

Ever since the official release of Windows Vista, hackers have come with newer and stronger cracks for the Vista OS. These cracks were based on the (previously) the frankenbuild method, KMS activation, stop activation countdown timer method – and later on the software-based Paradox OEM BIOS emulation and hardware-level OEM BIOS mod. VOATK Tools help you to uninstall and remove these cracks if the situation should ever arise.

Now I’m against piracy, and I strongly recommend that you buy a genuine Vista license and if you do buy and and try to install a genuine Vista license key – you need to remove the previously installed crack, and then you find that it is very hard to remove / uninstall it. VOATK Tools is a multipurpose, all-in-one utility that lets you manage several activation tools, including the removal and uninstallation of previously installed cracks on a Vista OS.

How to Uninstall a Vista Crack

A Free Digital Music Manager to Find Tracks Online

The Muffin Music Finder is a totally complete digital music manager. It finds tracks online and handles all the music files on the computer.

The base for the music recognition component of the software is Fraunhofer technology. This application brings completely real analysis to audio files, and also creates playlists which consist of songs that follow the user defined search rules on a computer, an iPod device, or an MP3 player. The software has an MP3 Manager built in which detects music files by looking for their musical fingerprint. It completely analyzes the file prior to it being displayed on the list, without relaying the information to third party recommendations or ID3 tags. In addition, it also creates a playlist with other tracts sound like what is expected or are similar.

When the user selects the music that matches the user’s taste, Music Finder arranges all the songs and creates a playlist. This playlist consists of, what may be forgotten tracks or tracks that have never been listened to.

Setup An AutoReply Bot For Gtalk Messenger

Setup an autoreply bot for gtalk/gmail messenger with a freeware called Gtalk Autoreply. This software bot lets you send automated replies to your friends in Google talk.

Gtlak Autoreply bot can become handy while you are busy in office or away from your system.You can preconfigure this bot with auto replies so that when someone buzzes you, this app will automatically respond to your friend with the automated reply from your gtalk instant messenger.

Gtalk Autoreply uses Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) inorder to send automated replies.

How To Find IP Address of your Gtalk or Chat friends via Email

Track IP address of your friends computer with an easy to use service provided by SpyPig.
Guys over there at Spypig make use of the same technology spammers use to see if your email is real and actively read. 

Thinking of how this is done? 
Spammers first extract email address from different websites comment section or directly from the contact address or mailto: links. Then they build a list of these email id’s and sends out emails randomly to all of them. Spammers embed images in their emails. Once you open your email, the image loads and, a unique identifier is sent back to the spammer letting them know that yours is a valid email address.

Here we use this same technique to find the I.P address of your friend's computer. Just follow these simple steps.

Convert PDF ebooks to Word Format for free

Nowadays most of the printed magazines and books are available online as “ebooks” in downloadable PDF format. Since Pdf files could only be edited with separate PDF editors, it’s better to edit them after converting into Microsoft word or doc format. We have already mentioned free pdf to doc online converters in one of our previous posts. But since these conversion services are being provided only online, we can’t predict or rely on them all time. Downloadfree software which converts pdf ebooks to word format.

Free PDF ebook to Word Converter Software

PDF to word converter is an absolute freeware and can convert any pdf ebooks and documents to doc or rtf files for free. It also supports batch pdf to word conversion.

Steps to Convert

Download and install the software.

Add the source pdf files and use the option given in the left to display or avoid graphics, select pages, provide password and much more.

Click start conversion to begin pdf ebook conversion.

Features of Free pdf to Word Software
  • Freeware
  • Does not require an adobe reader for conversion
  • Convert encrypted pdf files
  • Preserve original layout
  • Batch conversion
  • Option to specify which pages should only be converted

Recover Adobe PDF Documents Password

PDF cracker is an utility tool that removes all the security constrictions and rules on a PDF document. It can easily encrypt all the password protected PDF files without any hassles. This is one of the most vital tools used for sharing private and sensitive data only with the intended online users. This is best used by legitimate owner or the recipient who forgets the password to gain access through the file. Thus, in such times of urgency, this is the best tool to crack the password of any PDF document.

PDF cracker has been specially designed to serve the legitimate purpose. The internet today is loaded with countless PDF recovery or password cracking tools. There are numerous PDF recovery tools, which are designed for unlocking PDF documents. However, among them PDF cracker is the most feasible tools. This is the best binary version of free PDF crack utility tool compatible with Linux.