A Free Digital Music Manager to Find Tracks Online

The Muffin Music Finder is a totally complete digital music manager. It finds tracks online and handles all the music files on the computer.

The base for the music recognition component of the software is Fraunhofer technology. This application brings completely real analysis to audio files, and also creates playlists which consist of songs that follow the user defined search rules on a computer, an iPod device, or an MP3 player. The software has an MP3 Manager built in which detects music files by looking for their musical fingerprint. It completely analyzes the file prior to it being displayed on the list, without relaying the information to third party recommendations or ID3 tags. In addition, it also creates a playlist with other tracts sound like what is expected or are similar.

When the user selects the music that matches the user’s taste, Music Finder arranges all the songs and creates a playlist. This playlist consists of, what may be forgotten tracks or tracks that have never been listened to.

Online, Muffin Music Finder Base is connected to numerous other music fans across the network. On the network it is possible to meet other music lovers who have the same music taste and can then chat, write, or make wish lists with each other. The user can design apersonal music area for sharing it with other music lovers. These are the means by which MP3 ID3 tags are created. Music fans can exchange, playlists which can be shared with others.

Searches for the music the user wants to listen to can be accomplished by selecting album, artist, or genre and all the results are be displayed immediately.

The application has a music player built in with a bar spectra display, and it can normalize such things as balance and volume level automatically. The player can also play the lists in random order.

Skins and appearances can be custom set on the program interface.

It also has a great online help file and offers a comprehensive online tutorial.