Close all open programs with one click: Close All

You are in front of your office PC having 20-30 windows open and everything messed up… You are called for an emergency… Urghh…What to do now?? UseClose All.
This little tool lets you to close all running applications with just one click. It doesn’t use system resources because it only flashes a ‘close’ signal to all open windows on the desktop and then ceases.

Activate Multitouch Feature for all Synaptics Touchpad [Laptop]

Now you can add multi-touch functionality to all laptops having Synaptics touchpad using a free utility called Scrybe. With multi touch functionality you’ll be able to perform common tasks using customizable gestures with your touchpad.

For example, you can configure Scrybe such that drawing a G on yourtouchpad takes you to and similarly you could do other tasks like copy/paste, control mediaplayers, rotate/crop images and launching applications.

Scrybe takes gestures to the next level with gesture workflows. Gesture workflow does more than launch an application or perform a keyboard shortcut. Gesture workflows carries out multi-step tasks like running presentations, watching DVDs, working with digital photos, shopping online, and more - all using the TouchPad alone.

How to Use Scrybe on your laptop

Open Password Protected Excel Documents

We are often advised to password protect our files which contain sensitive information. But the use of strong passwords makes it more difficult to remember and has its own inconveniences. So what happens if we forget the password to those files we had backed up few months before. Is there any ways to open a password protected microsoft excel file without knowing its password. The answer to this is simply, YES.

How to open password protected Microsoft Excel documents without knowing its actual password

There are two ways to open a password protected MS excel file, either by decrypting the entire excel file or by recovering the original password. These two process can be easily done by following the steps provided in this excel password recovery article. I’ll summarize the steps in a simple way below.

How To Remove / Delete / Uninstall Vista Activation, Loader, Crack

Ever since the official release of Windows Vista, hackers have come with newer and stronger cracks for the Vista OS. These cracks were based on the (previously) the frankenbuild method, KMS activation, stop activation countdown timer method – and later on the software-based Paradox OEM BIOS emulation and hardware-level OEM BIOS mod. VOATK Tools help you to uninstall and remove these cracks if the situation should ever arise.

Now I’m against piracy, and I strongly recommend that you buy a genuine Vista license and if you do buy and and try to install a genuine Vista license key – you need to remove the previously installed crack, and then you find that it is very hard to remove / uninstall it. VOATK Tools is a multipurpose, all-in-one utility that lets you manage several activation tools, including the removal and uninstallation of previously installed cracks on a Vista OS.

How to Uninstall a Vista Crack

A Free Digital Music Manager to Find Tracks Online

The Muffin Music Finder is a totally complete digital music manager. It finds tracks online and handles all the music files on the computer.

The base for the music recognition component of the software is Fraunhofer technology. This application brings completely real analysis to audio files, and also creates playlists which consist of songs that follow the user defined search rules on a computer, an iPod device, or an MP3 player. The software has an MP3 Manager built in which detects music files by looking for their musical fingerprint. It completely analyzes the file prior to it being displayed on the list, without relaying the information to third party recommendations or ID3 tags. In addition, it also creates a playlist with other tracts sound like what is expected or are similar.

When the user selects the music that matches the user’s taste, Music Finder arranges all the songs and creates a playlist. This playlist consists of, what may be forgotten tracks or tracks that have never been listened to.