Open Password Protected Excel Documents

We are often advised to password protect our files which contain sensitive information. But the use of strong passwords makes it more difficult to remember and has its own inconveniences. So what happens if we forget the password to those files we had backed up few months before. Is there any ways to open a password protected microsoft excel file without knowing its password. The answer to this is simply, YES.

How to open password protected Microsoft Excel documents without knowing its actual password

There are two ways to open a password protected MS excel file, either by decrypting the entire excel file or by recovering the original password. These two process can be easily done by following the steps provided in this excel password recovery article. I’ll summarize the steps in a simple way below.

1) Download office password recovery tool from this link.

2) Install the application with the default options.
3) Run the application and navigate to the password protected file by clicking the open button provided in the top left of the window.
4) This launches the recovery wizard. Here you can find two options.
a) 100% instant document decryption - This method is the fastest and it strips all the password protection from the msexcel document.
b) Recover the password to open – While this method just finds the original password of the excel file.

5) Choose any of the option and recover the password protected Excel document.