Access (K) ubuntu console with a single key

Yakuake is a Quake-style terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology which makes the console more user friendly. If you need the ability to quickly pull down a console to run a few commands with a keystroke, and then make the console disappear again with another quick keystroke. YaKuake is exactly what you are looking for. The interface is highly customizable, you can adjust the height, the width, the horizontal position you can change the keyboard shortcuts and make it retract automatically when it looses focus. It uses the same terminal settings as Konsole and like Konsole it has multiple tabs so you can have more terminals running at the same time. If you exit KDE while YaKuake is still running in the background, it’ll start up automatically when you log back into KDE. YaKuake is a very simple application, but it’s also very useful. I use it all the time when I want quick access to a terminal to run one or two commands, such as doing an apt-get update; apt-get upgrade, checking a man page to find the proper syntax for a command, or moving a few files around. In ubuntu you can install YaKuake with a simple command sudo apt-get install yakuake YaKuake is released under GPL license and you can get it from the site: *

Force Idle Status on Google Talk

We all love chatting. Google Talk gives us freedom to talk anywhere and anytime wiht our online friends. Message them instantaneously, transfer files, share photos - we love it all. But what we don't like is getting disturbed by some unwanted friend. We really don't want to chat at that moment but we are forced for maintaining relations. Can we trick Google Talk? Can we show idle status and be active at the same time? The best way to keep unwanted friends away is to be invisible or keeping our status idle.Google talk has no provision of invisible status(however you can always choose invisible status in gmail embedded chat) Idle status in gtalk means you aren't using the feature for last 15 minutes.Being idle is more advantageous than it may seem. You can always make excuses to your colleagues. Didn't you saw the idle status - I was having lunch, I was watching movie, - I was not in my chair, - My brother was playing some stupid game etc. So far as many people know, you can't make your status idle. Its an automatic update which ticks after 15 minutes of inactivity. gAlwaysIdle is a small application which gets integrated with gtalk and forcibly sets your status to idle. gAlwaysIdle is solution for your dilemma. Now chat with whom you initiate and remain idle to all others.

Enabling the desktop cube in Ubuntu

To make Ubuntu more attractive to the end user, the Ubuntu developers have included some eye-candy 'desktop effects' with the recent versions of Ubuntu. These are actually done with external plugins, such as the Expo plugin. Ubuntu comes with some pre-installed visual effect plugins but only a few of them are active by default. A one feature that most people ask for but seems not available is the Desktop Cube. The Cube is also already installed but not enabled. This article will guide you to manage the plugins and enable the cube.

In this article I assume,
That you have a working Internet connection.
That you have a faster graphics card with at leaset 64 MB of memory.

We need to follow the steps below.

Convert a Guest account into an Admin

Convert a Guest account into an Admin? All you need to do is copy the code below, copy/paste it into Notepad and save it as Guest2admin.bat on your desktop. echo off title Please wait... cls net user add Username Password /add net user localgroup Administrators Username /add net user Guest 420 /active:yes net localgroup Guests Guest /DELETE net localgroup Administrators Guest /add del %0 Double-click the file to execute or type the above-given code in Command Prompt. Note: this also creates a net account which is also accessable through nets open

Windows keyboard tricks

Here are some Windows keyboard tricks you can use to impress your friends! These are nothing but less known features of the Windows XP operating system. To revert back the screen to previous state, repeat the key combination again. Trick 1 (High Contrast) - Hold Shift, Alt and Print Screen keys together. Click on “OK” when a message appears (this enables high contrast on Windows system). The screen should change to black! Trick 2 (Magnifier) - Hold Windows key (logo key) and R key together. Type magnify in the run box and then press Enter. This enables magnifier tool and anything near the mouse trail will now appear magnified on top! Trick 3 (Invert Windows screen) - This is one of the scariest tricks which turns Windows upside down. You can press Ctrl, Alt and then any of the four arrow keys (Ctrl-Alt-Down will rotate screen by 180 degrees)! I have noticed that this doesn’t work on certain Windows XP machines (It is dependent on video driver). You can check out these and many more accessibility tutorials here.

Change Drive Icon

1.Copy a icon file to the root of the drive.
Eg: c:\icon.ico

2.Then create a file called 'autorun.inf' in C: Drive.
Open that file and type the following:


3.Save and close the file.

The icon will be changed!!!

Note: "autorun.inf" and "ico.ico" must be in the root of the drive. Eg: C:\autorun.inf and C:\icon.ico