Forcefully Eject USB Flash Drives In Windows

While ejecting USB flash drives from PC, sometimes an error comes saying The device “Generic Volume” cannot be stopped right now, Try stopping the device again later. Here is a free utility called EjectUSB that forcefully stops all the running programs and helps in ejecting pen drives safely. It is designed to be a simple utility to close all programs running from a specified drive or folder and then attempt ejection if a drive was specified. Download Instructions: Click here to download this software from the official website.

Assign a Permanent Letter to a USB Drive

If you have multiple pen drives you might have noticed that every time you put in your drive it will be assigned a different drive letter.

This can be frustrating when trying to run backups or opening files from software as recent drive letter is changed. Even if you have created playlist of the songs which are in your pen drive it won’t work if the drive letter is changed.

Here are the steps you will have to follow to assign a permanent drive letter:-

1. Go to Start > Run

2. Type mmc in the box and hit enter.

3. Select File > New

Fix Slow Tab and Broken Tab Issues in Internet Explorer 8

There are many users who upgraded to the latest version of Internet Explorer, i.e. Internet Explorer 8. But they are experiencing issues with tabs not working properly or taking a very long time to load. It seems for majority of the users the issue can be attributed to a problem related with actxprxy.dll not installing and registering properly during the upgrade of the browser. If you are facing a similar problem while using Internet Explorer 8, then fixing this issue is very simple. You have to run just a single command. To resolve this issue: 1. Click on the Start Button, and then click Run. 2. In the Run… dialog box, type regsvr32 actxprxy.dll 3. Click OK, and then click OK again when you receive the following message: “DllRegisterServer in actxprxy.dll succeeded“. 4. Reboot your computer for the tab issue should be resolved.

How To Install Windows 7 From a USB Drive

Windows 7 can run on machines with lower specs than required for Windows Vista, and many users are actually finding it runs better than Windows XP on lower spec machines. It’s also ideal to run on newer netbook machines, but unfortunately many of these do not include a DVD drive so how do you install windows 7 on a machine without a DVD drive?

How To Install Windows 7 From A USB Drive

1. Find a standard 4GB USB Drive and plug it into your machine
2. Click Start in your enter ‘cmd’ in the run field. Once cmd is open type in ‘diskpart’ and a new window will open
3. In the new diskpart window type: