Improve, Enhance, Make Better Browsing Experience With Internet Explorer

Tweak Internet Explorer to Enhance Speed

Most Internet Explorer (IE) users complain about its slow speed, and how much time it takes to start up, and load web pages. However, a few tweaks will ensure that your IE experience becomes twice as fast. This article will tell you how to carry out these minor modifications – all you have to do is follow the steps listed out below.
IE Tweak 1
  1. Launch Internet Explorer, and select the option Tools -> Internet Options.
  2. Select the Advanced tab.
  3. In the Settings field, scroll down to the heading called Multimedia. There, you have to clear the check-boxes next to the following options (as per your preference):
    1. Play animations in webpages
    2. Play sounds in webpages
    3. Show pictures
  4. Click on Apply, and then OK.
However, the problem with this tweak is that it will greatly restrict your internet experience – all at the cost of speed. This might not be an attractive option to many.

Improve Hibernate / Shut Down Time In Windows XP Tablet

Windows XP takes a long time to shut down, and then to start up – and hence, many users use the Hibernate option so that they do not have to wait 3-4 minutes for their computer to start up. Those of you (with tablet PCs) who like using the Hibernate option might have faced the problem where your tablet PC takes an unnaturally long time (say somewhere around 10-15 minutes) to go into hibernation. This can be extremely frustrating at times as this beats the entire point of using the Hibernate option.

Although there is no straight-up solution to this problem, a few suggestions are put forth in this article. First off, the slow hibernation problem may due to the fact that you have less amount of physical memory (around 1GB, or less). This, combined with the fact that you might have several processes running in the background (or in the foreground too), might cause the slow hibernation problem.