How To Remove / Delete / Uninstall Vista Activation, Loader, Crack

Ever since the official release of Windows Vista, hackers have come with newer and stronger cracks for the Vista OS. These cracks were based on the (previously) the frankenbuild method, KMS activation, stop activation countdown timer method – and later on the software-based Paradox OEM BIOS emulation and hardware-level OEM BIOS mod. VOATK Tools help you to uninstall and remove these cracks if the situation should ever arise.

Now I’m against piracy, and I strongly recommend that you buy a genuine Vista license and if you do buy and and try to install a genuine Vista license key – you need to remove the previously installed crack, and then you find that it is very hard to remove / uninstall it. VOATK Tools is a multipurpose, all-in-one utility that lets you manage several activation tools, including the removal and uninstallation of previously installed cracks on a Vista OS.

How to Uninstall a Vista Crack

  • Download VOATK Tools.
  • Unpack the archive and run the “voatktoolsv.2.2_stand_alone.exe” as administrator.
  • Type “3? to select “Uninstall Vista Crack (Softmode1, VistaLoader, VistaBoot, TimeStop and Paradox)” and then press Enter.
  • If you’re prompted to disable UAC, type Y and press Enter. You will need to reboot your PC and redo the process.

VOATK Tools remove more than 90% of the current Vista activation cracks (such as TimeStop, Paradox, SoftMode1, VistaLoader, VistaBoot). However, an important point to note is that VOATK Tools will not remove the Vista Product Key, OEM Certificates, OEM Logos or Tokens.dat files that are installed on the computer. Thus, after you remove the crack, you might need to activate Vista again.