Activate Multitouch Feature for all Synaptics Touchpad [Laptop]

Now you can add multi-touch functionality to all laptops having Synaptics touchpad using a free utility called Scrybe. With multi touch functionality you’ll be able to perform common tasks using customizable gestures with your touchpad.

For example, you can configure Scrybe such that drawing a G on yourtouchpad takes you to and similarly you could do other tasks like copy/paste, control mediaplayers, rotate/crop images and launching applications.

Scrybe takes gestures to the next level with gesture workflows. Gesture workflow does more than launch an application or perform a keyboard shortcut. Gesture workflows carries out multi-step tasks like running presentations, watching DVDs, working with digital photos, shopping online, and more - all using the TouchPad alone.

How to Use Scrybe on your laptop

After installing Scybe, make sure to restart the system.

Right click the Scrybe button in the system tray and select Scrybe control panel. Take a small practice session, and go through all the gesture entries and create new ones accordingly.

To activate gesture shortcut entry, press SHIFT + Ctrl key and press one finger down on the TouchPad to launch the symbol drawing area. A small window shows up and here you can draw your favorite gesture with the finger that is resting on the TouchPad.

All the gestures configured could be accessed using the control panel. You can access control panel from system tray or by drawing a scrybe control panel symbol.

Download Synaptics Scrybe


Anonymous said...
February 23, 2010 at 11:38 PM

its marvelous dear.....