Windows 7, Vista, USB File Copy / Transfer Speed Slow

When transferring files from one medium to another within the computer or outside it, sometimes due to bugs the process becomes painfully slow. This could be from one folder to another or from the computer to an external hard drive.

These slow transfers leave the user in a fix as how to get things done quickly, this becomes all the more important when the user is in a hurry. The bar that displays “calculated left time” only makes the process slower then helping the entire process. This is enviable regardless of which method one uses, whether he drags and drops it, or he cut –copy –pastes it or he uses “send to”. However there are eleven solutions to fix this problem.

Solution 1: KB938979 Vista Performance Update: in this the estimated time left takes a long time to be calculated at the same time getting rid of other bugs.

Solution 2: KB931770 Hotfix bug where copying files from network place will stop at “Calculating Time Remaining” dialog window showing “0 minutes remaining” status.

Solution 3: Turn Off Remove Differential Compression.

Solution 4: Disable TCP/IP “Receive Window Auto-Tuning” and/or “Receive Side Scaling”.

Solution 5: Use Alternative Copying or Moving File Operation Engine.

Solution 6: Turn Off Windows Search.

Solution 7: Turn Off Indexing Services.

Solution 8: Disable Thumbnail Preview.

Solution 9: Turn Off IPv6 Support.

Solution 10: Microsoft Workarounds for Slow Large Files Transfer between Vista and 2003 or XP Computer.

Solution 11: Drivers Update should be done regularly. These methods insure that the bugs that hinder the process of transfer of files is not effected in Vista.