How To Find IP Address of your Gtalk or Chat friends via Email

Track IP address of your friends computer with an easy to use service provided by SpyPig.
Guys over there at Spypig make use of the same technology spammers use to see if your email is real and actively read. 

Thinking of how this is done? 
Spammers first extract email address from different websites comment section or directly from the contact address or mailto: links. Then they build a list of these email id’s and sends out emails randomly to all of them. Spammers embed images in their emails. Once you open your email, the image loads and, a unique identifier is sent back to the spammer letting them know that yours is a valid email address.

Here we use this same technique to find the I.P address of your friend's computer. Just follow these simple steps.

1) Go to

2) Enter your email address. [address which is used to notify you when your message has been read]

3) Enter your message title. [for eg. your friends name]

4) Select your tracking image.
You can select the white background picture so that your friends doesn't know that you are tracking him. [you can also upload your own images as well but needs registration]

5) Number of notifications to receive.
Select this according to your wish. [10 recommended]

6) Click the Activate button. Once the image is generated, you have 60 seconds to copy paste the same in your email and send the email. If you are using Firefox then click and drag the tracking image and drop it into your email. Don't use your right-mouse click to copy the image.

7) Once you have copied the image in the email, send it within 60 seconds so that you itself is not tracked.

Problem with this image tracking service is that if your friend is using Gmail, then he will have to click “Display images below” button for your tracking code to work properly. So make sure you are sending him some sort of images or e-cards so that he needs to click that button to read your mail.

When your friend reads the email, you will receive a notification from spypig about the time when it is read and also your friends IP address :).

This technique can be used for identifying your Gtalk, yahoo messenger, msn messenger or any other chat messenger friend's IP address so that you can know exactly where they live or if they are faking their real identity.

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