How To Destruct Or Delete Emails From Recipients Inbox is a free email service of unlimited storage space, designed at providing immensely secured and certified mail services. It strictly complies with all the codes and conduct to protect your password and private data. It is loaded with adequate tools and settings to easily receive, send, delete and edit your mails.

For me the most most important advantage of using BigString is its superb auto-destruct function. At times I’d want a particular mail to be read and deleted immediately after the first read – BigString gives me that option. In fact I can set how many times the mail be read before it’s deleted from the recipients mail box.

Other feature I love is the restriction on content copying and downloading image attachments. Being a photographer, I do not like the fact that potential clients will be able use the sample images I send for their use. BigString restricts this.

BigString has introduced the users to the next level of communication via mail servers. With this web application, you can easily track if your messages have been read by the addressed users or not, without uploading any other application like It adopts stringent rules to ensure the security of the sensitive data like passwords sent across to your friend or colleague via email. On sending such private and sensitive data, the intended user can only read it through a special designed SSL encrypted web page.

You can frequently change the templates and send across the messages in innovate ways. With this application you can highlight the key words in the mail which helps the receiver to comprehend your mail fast. BigString is equipped with spam filters which keeps your inbox clean and away from useless emails. You also have the facility to record and send across a video along with your email.

Further to organize the mails in your inbox, you can customize labels, folders or flag messages. Once you get the hang of the various key board shortcuts, the operation of the interface of this application becomes quite fast and easy.

Some of the great features include:

  • Self-Destructing Email 
  • Recallable/Erasable Email 
  • Non-Forwardable Email 
  • Non-Printable/Savable Email 
  • Advanced Email Tracking 
  • Masquerading 
  • All the storage you need 
  • Secure Email 
  • Video Email 
  • Large Attachment Capacity 
  • Automatic Message Highlighting 
  • Advanced Spam and Virus Filtering 
  • Advanced Message Sorting 
  • Fun Email Effects 

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