Changing the DOS background colour

The value DefaultColor controls the foreground and background colors used in command prompt windows. It has a default value of 0, for standard white text on a black background. CHANGING DOS BACKGROUND Open your registry (press win+r and type regedit, hit enter) goto [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor] u'll find "DefaultColor" You can replace it's value with a two-digit hexadecimal number, in which the first digit selects a background color and the second a foreground color. The hexadecimal codes are: Hexadecimal value Color 0 Black 1 Blue 2 Green 3 Aqua 4 Red 5 Purple 6 Yellow 7 White 8 Gray 9 Light Blue A Light Green B Light Aqua C Light Red D Light Purple E Light Yellow F Bright White A value of F0, for example, would give black text on a white background, and 1E would yield yellow text on a blue background. The change should take effect the next time you open a console window.