Free Online Radio via Gtalk/Yahoo/MSN

Listen free online radio through Gtalk or your favorite messenger. You can use this online radio service either via the browser interface (inside gmail) or the Gtalk application itself.This online chat radio is made possible by the guys from gtalk2voip. Google Talk, MSN/Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger users now can connect to a number of Internet Radio Broadcasting stations and start listening radio streams. How to listen to free online radio 1. Subscribe to gtalk2voip by adding to your buddy list. 2. Send RADIO command to to get list of available radio stations along with their ID’s. 3. To listen a particular radio station, simply send a command RADIO (number/id). Here is the complete list of online radio stations available through them. LIST OF AVAILABLE RADIO STATIONS: 100 - - Kickin Country (Todays Best Country!), 101 - 1.FM - Country, 102 - Atlantic Sound Factory - ASF Radio, 103 - 100.7 Jack FM, San Diego, 104 - 102.7 FM The Fringe, 105 - - The Buzz (Your Alternative Station!), 106 - - The Mix Channel (70s, 80s, 90s and Todays Best Music), 107 - - The Eagle (Your Home For REAL Classic Rock!), 108 - .977 The 80s Channel, 109 - 1.FM - Channel X, 111 - Radio Helsinki - 92.6 MHz, 201 - KCRW World News, 202 - Sporting News Radio, 203 - KPFK - Southern Californias 90.7 FM News, Talk n Music, 204 - WBUR 90.9 FM, Bostons NPR News Station, 205 - TalkRadioX --, 206 - Arabian HIT 96.7 FM, Dubai, To connect, type RADIO number where number is a station numerical ID from the list above.