Enhance Your SATA Hard Disk Performance in Vista

Microsoft Windows Vista users must have used the search box on the Start menu and after using it they must have experienced its sheer power. This search box not only searches in your start menu and control panel but also your personal files like pictures, documents and even your emails. This makes it very useful for everyday tasks. It also saves time and we also tend to get the habit of getting what we want by just typing a few letters and the reason why I love it! Getting back to the topic, if you are having a lot of personal files then this feature of the search box, i.e., searching through files takes toll on its performance and causes it to slow down. But if we narrow down the search to only start menu and control panel then we can easily get some performance benefits. This tip will help us to find the program or setting easily and faster. Follow these steps to make search box faster: 1. First right-click on the Start button and select Properties. 2. Then select the Customize button. 3. Remove the check where it says Search Communications. 4. Then for Search Files set Don’t search for files. 5. Click OK, then OK again and you are done. Enjoy a speedy search and get your results quicker! :)