Copy Any Movie DVD to Hard Disk : Bypass DVD Copy Protection

At certain times when we used to copy the original DVDs (movies) to the hard drive, it used to get a copyright error. We get the error because those DVD titles are often encrypted, which prevents us from either copying them to hard drive or if we manage to do so, being able to play the resulting files. So here is a freeware called DVDSmith to copy any DVD movie with excellent DVD copying quality in Full Disk Mode. It can backup, clone or copy DVD movie to computer as DVD folder, ISO file. With DVDSmith Movie Backup, everyone can experience its features in super fast copying speed (only about 15 minutes for DVD-5 or 25 minutes for DVD-9) and more! It can even bypass the copy protection error. Below are some quick features about this freeware : * Supports Copy-Protected DVDs, Copies all DVDs even with anti-piracy encryption. * Perfect Video & Audio Quality - like the original. * High speed and quality. Copy your DVD movie in a very short time. * Supports both NTSC & PAL DVD movies. * Make high quality back copies of your favorite DVD movies. * Sound and video never change in quality. * Very easy to use for everyone - Just click and Backup. Download Instructions: Click here to download DvdSmith from the official website.