Increase Torrent Download Speed By Half Open Patch

Increase your torrent download speed by allowing more more concurrent half-open connections. By default Windows limits the number of half open connections to 10. This limit is entered by company Microsoft trying to make slower virus spreading from infect computer and cut down opportunities of participation of a computer in DOS attacks.

This limit imposed by windows on the half open connections could be removed by patching the TCPIP.sys file. Patching the TCPIP could sometimes cause problems with certain routers like frequent auto restarting. So use this patch only as a final resort.

How to Half Open Patch TCPIP.sys - Windows VISTA / Windows XP / Windows 7

This half open patch will allow you to start more concurrent half open connections and hence increase torrent download speed.This Patch works for both 32 and 64 bit versions of windows.

Download the Half-open limit fix

Run the file Half-open limit fix

Choose the new limit of concurrent half-open outbound connections quantity as 100 and press "Add to tcpip.sys".Restart computer.

Open Utorrent and inside preferences. Take Advanced settings. Change the max_halfopen value to 100.

Download a sample torrent file and check for the new increased torrent download speeds. If you are not satisfied with the torrent download speed or have problem accessing internet then open Half-open limit fix file and click restore original file to change back everything to normal.


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