Adding Custom Sound Event in XP

We all know how to change a sound when window starts. But what if we want to create a Custom sound event. What if we like to add a sound whenever a program is opened? Just imagine how good it would be to add a sound whenever Firefox starts, After all sometimes it takes long to open. To add a custom sound effect, you need to open your registry, and please do not forget to backup your registry before making any changes. 1. Go to Start –> Run, type Regedit 2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\Schemes\Apps 3. Right Click on Apps, New –> Key 4. Name the key with the programs EXE file, like Firefox for Firefox, Winword for Office word, without the extension 5. Now on right pane, right click Default, and click Modify and type in the same application name 6. Right click on new key and create a new key, and name whatever you want to Custom Sound 7. Go to Control Panel –> Sounds and Audio devices –> Sounds, there you should be able to see the Custom sound event you added. You can now assign any sound event you want to. Do try it, an great tip to personalize your system more :)