Find Lost Space On Your Hard Disk

Space Sniffer is a freeware for Windows XP and Windows Vista that gives you an idea of how folders and files are structured on your disks, in this way you can easily find lost space in your hard drives. Some quick features * Fast and easy to use * Supports drag and drop * Intuitive structure layout, multiple views for different media * Zoomable elements, navigate like a web browser * The Windows folders and file popup menu is accessible by right mouse click * It’s possible to restrict the view content by typing simple yet powerful filtering criteria * Different views of the same media can show differently filtered elements * Customizable in geometry, colors, behaviors * You can navigate even during the scan * Smart cached scanning engine, multiple views, single scan * You can refine a zoomed area by a secondary scan process, even with main scan active * Reacts to file system events, keeps always in synch, warns you by blinking elements * Can scan NTFS Alternate Data Streams * It doesn’t clutter your registry, only a plain XML configuration file * It’s portable, no installation required, just put the executable somewhere and let’s go Download Instructions Click here to download SpaceSniffer from the official website.