Hide Your Computer From Windows Network

So, if you want to hide your computer from others users or administrators on a network for any reason just follow the easy steps given below.

This method is best used when you are an administrator who doesn't want other people to know you are on the network Or maybe you are a certain someone like me who doesn't want the administrator to know you are on the network.

First method to hide from windows network Using Command line (very easy)

Open command prompt (start->Run, type CMD if your using windows XP/2K/Vista)

Enter the following command:

net config server /hidden:yes

Now your computer is hidden in the windows network.

Second method Using Computer name change (lengthy)

* Right click “My Computer”.Click properties
* Select computer name tab and click “change”.
* Now open character map utility.(Start>Programs>Accessories >System Tools>Character Map)

* Select the character illustrated above by double clicking it, then select copy. you can close Character Map now.

* Now change the name of your computer by a newly copied character by pressing CTRL+P (paste). Click ok and a new window will popup stating that using these characters will prevent other users from seeing your computer unless your network is using the Microsoft DNS Server. Click 'Yes'.
* Restart system. You are now invisible on your windows network.

P.S: Being invisible on any network doesn’t mean that you couldn’t never be tracked.