Fool A Keylogger !!

These days Agents spy on u everywhere, in college, at work, maybe a trojan virus on your home PC which keylogs your paswords and mails it to someone else. If u think u r being logged, try this: Whenever u have to type a password, never type the complete password in one go, ie, if your password is WINDOWS, u should type NDOW, then move cursor to start of the password field using the mouse ONLY, then type WI, then move cursor to end using the mouse and type S. This way the logger will record your keystrokes as [ndowwis] instead of [WINDOWS]. Haha, keylogger fooled.


Unknown said...
May 7, 2008 at 12:58 AM

This may work with some free keyloggers or even some of the cheaper paid ones.

The top quality products, such as Spector Pro or eBlaster, will show the keystrokes as they were formatted . In other words it will decipher your backspacing etc, as well as showing control keys such as backspace, ctrl and so forth.