Get Rid Of Windows Update “Restart” Option

Everybody of us these days enjoy the automatic updates by Microsoft. That is one of the benefit of using Genuine copy of Windows. Now you do get the updates, keeping your system up-to date, and provides you with every bug fixes. When you download these updates, sometimes it asks you for a reboot. Its sometimes irritating, specially when you are doing a important work. How can you avoid this option. Well Microsoft allows you edit these settings, but its not so easy that a basic user can find it. So here is that way, through which you can stop the automatic restart option. 1. Go to Start –> Run, type “gpedit.msc”. 2. Go to Computer Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> Windows Components –> Windows Update. 3. Look for option “No Auto Restart For Scheduled Automatic Update installation” and Enable that option. This will make sure that your computer is not reboot automatically, instead it will just notify you for a reboot. It will be users choice as to when to reboot your computer If in case you want it to notify you again and again, after a specific interval of time, then look for option “Re-prompt for restart with scheduled installations”. Enable that option and specify the time. Everything above is all easy, its just editing some policies which you can perform easily.