Some File And Folder Setting Tweaks

We all work with files and folders and we are well aware of all the aspect of it. Still there are some characteristics of files and folders that some of us are unaware of. Here are few tweaks I want to share with you all. • Rename Multiple files : To rename several files at a single go, select all the files (Ctrl + A) and right click on a file, and rename it. The other files will also follow the same, they will be renamed and distinguished by numbers at the end of the renamed file. • Remove the Filename : To remove filename in your folder in the Thumbnail view, Just hold the Shift key and select the Thumbnail view for your folder, this will remove the filename for your folder, but for thumbnail view only, rest all other type of views will remain unaffected. Removing the filename will give you some more space to show your files. • Grouping Files : You can try grouping your files as well. Grouping files in Alphabetical order can help you if you get lots of files. I use it to manage my notes. To group your files, Right click in your folder, Arrange Icon by, and select Show in groups. This will enable the grouping of files. These were some tricks I use, if you got something else to say, leave your comments.